Happy Couple’s Secret Love Code
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Happy Couple’s Secret Love Code


Sheri's Love PrescriptionTODAY’S LOVE PRESCRIPTION

HAPPY COUPLES OFTEN HAVE A SECRET CODE for expressing their affection and saying “I love you.” “I value you.” “YOU are important to me.”

It can a gentle touch when walking by, a wink and a certain smile,  a pet name that they created for  each other,  holding hands and squeezing three times, or a  random “thinking of you” love text sent during the day.

Having a special love code that’s just between the two of YOU allows you to have private moments together even while in a crowded room, a busy workplace or caught up spinning numerous plates.

Love Flourishes with attention and feeling valuedWhatever the code, these sweet gestures are intimate and bonding and help to keep the consciousness of love flowing and present.

If you don’t already have a love code, try this!

Brainstorm with your partner. Think of at least five things you two can do to show love in your own way.
HINT: Think intimate, silly, fun, sappy, sexy.

Here are a few ideas.

  • End every phone call or text with a couple words that are meaningful to you instead of (or in addition to) “I love you.”
  • Decide upon a small yet distinct gesture that you show each other when you part. A thumbs-up, crossed fingers, or a blown kiss are a few ideas.
  • Try some pet names that aren’t the usual “dear” or “sweetheart”. Humor works well here, or perhaps character names from a favorite movie.

Anything that you two share and enjoy will work. It’s like you two have a secret… a LOVE SECRET.

DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL LOVE CODE with your sweetheart?
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With love,
Dr. Sheri

This article was written by Dr. Sheri Meyers, America’s leading love and intimacy expert.

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  1. My husband’s first language is Norwegian. He’s taught me a few key phrases like I love you, way to go, you’re beautiful etc. which we can say in public and nobody else gets it. If someone does happen to understand us oh well, they’re in on a fun secret.

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