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“Free Yourself from Holding Back”
“Making Love Divine”


“Free Yourself from Holding Back”

Are you ready for unconditional fearless intimacy with yourself? 
So, what’s holding you back?????

Often, we get so caught up and distracted by our to-do lists, schedules and shoulds, that many of us move through our daily lives in unconscious numbness, resistant and insensitive to the present moment. Do you find yourself putting your life, your dreams on hold until ‘things free up’ or ‘something in your outer world’ changes? The good news is that you don’t have to wait. You have the power to consciously change the old scripts that keep you in a perpetual rut of inner disconnection, negative thinking and overwhelm! It’s as easy as STOP, LOOK & LISTEN. Tune in and learn how these specific tools can take you from spinning in outer chaos to basking in inner love and connection.

Get ready to fall in love with your life!

“Making Love Divine”

Tired of struggling with the same old problems in your relationship? Ready to make a change?

Our relationships offer us the greatest opportunity to see a clear mirror of what’s going on inside ourselves. Many of the struggles we have with our partner, (friends, children, co workers, bosses too!) often reflect what is and isn’t healed in our own lives! OUCH! The good news is that we can learn to use our relationships as a mirror to watch and learn more about ourselves.

So the next time a problem arises, rather than reacting with defensiveness and blaming the other person, wishing “if only he or she would change, then everything would be okay”….take a moment and step back and look instead at what’s happening inside yourself. That’s when real change can happen.

On our show, Dr. Sheri and Dr. Sirah Vettese discuss ….

  • How to increase your self love and decrease your negativity
  • The light and dark side of the roles you play and the reactivity that these roles create in you.
  • How to get out of ‘old’ response patterns and make love instead of war
  • A few simple steps to ‘allowing’ yourself and your partner to BE
  • A meditation you can use to unravel the negative, reactive feeling and connect with the place of love that also co-exisits inside.
  • The success formula: self respect, self love and self responsibility

To create a more harmonious and lasting relationship with another, you first have to develop a healthy, integrated relationship with yourself. When you treat yourself with respect and loving kindness and let yourself BE, it will be easier to allow your partner to BE. Working through the differences in an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion can truly make love divine!

Special Guest:  Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.

Sirah Vettese, Ph.D. is a renown expert on relationships and teacher in the field of personal development. As an author and therapist, Dr. Sirah has spent the past twenty-three years as a Counselor, Public Speaker, Life and Relationship Coach and Corporate Consultant. She is the author of “What Happened to the Prince I Married?” and “Lifemates, the Love Fitness Program for a Lasting Relationship” Our show is based on her newest, book, “Spiritual Makeover: 10 Practices for Falling in Love With Your Life.”

Dr. Sirah has also co-produced over 52 audio programs on topics relating to health and wellness and has appeared on numerous national radio and television shows. Dr. Sirah, a results oriented therapist is considered one of the finest facilitators of personal and relationship development in the country. Her private therapy and life coaching practice is in Los Angeles, CA and she does phone counseling with clients all over the world.

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