OUR SHOW With: Sarah La Saulle & Sharon Kagan


“Mending Your Broken Heart”


Have you recently ended a relationship?

Losing a lover through a breakup or divorce is one of the most profound and painful experiences of life. When we let go of a romantic relationship, we are not only facing that loss, but all the unresolved losses of relationships past. No matter how much support we have, it can be a terribly lonely time, because grief is a process of tearing away from being part of a “WE” and becoming an “I ” in the world again. As difficult the transition may feel, this is also an opportunity to take our own lives back and rediscover who we are. According to my guests, Sharon Kagan and Sarah La Saulle, the process of recovery is much like the seasons. No matter how hot it gets in summer, we do know that there will be an autumn, winter and spring following. There is always movement and change. This show is about how you can better understand your own stages of grief and proactively participate in your healing process. 

  • Summer: The ambivalent stage. Is it over?
  • Autumn: It’s over but…
  • Winter: It’s really over. Ouch!
  • Spring: The Return to Life

With examples and clear cut suggestions for what you can do to come to terms with and heal your broken heart, this show can be a gentle hand which guides you to better understanding the stages of your healing process.

Special Guests:  Sarah La Saulle & Sharon Kagan

Sarah La Saulle, Ph.D.Sarah La Saulle, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Santa Monica, CA and a highly regarded relationship expert. Co-author with Sharon Kagan of “Healing A Broken Heart: A Guided Journal Through the Four Seasons of Relationship Recovery” Sarah shares her expertise to help you empower your life in the midst of your deepest pain. 

Sharon Kagan, M.F.A., M.A.Sharon Kagan, M.F.A., M.A. is a creativity expert and Director of The Creativity Center in Santa Monica, CA. As an exhibiting artist and teacher, Sharon specializes in the science of creativity. With a special focus on unlocking individual potential, Sharon inspires people to experiment, take risks, explore their authentic self and overcome thinking blocks that limit self-expression and keep them in pain.


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