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“Loving Without Fear”

When it comes to loving, what do you really trust…love or fear? 

Read the following statements and see which inner driver guides your love choices.

Fear tells you to constrict, protect, and hide your true self to stay safe.
Love tells you to open up and shine.
Fear judges.
Love accepts. 
Fear wants to know why.
Love wants to know how.
Fear wants to be wanted.
Love knows it is. 

Many of us approach life and our relationships with fear in the driver’s seat, always bracing us for the worst. Our fears tells us to stay safe, hidden, and protected so that we don’t get hurt. Love, on the opposite end of the totem pole, thrives on risk, lies in the unknown, and tells us to be open and vulnerable. On one hand, we say that we want to love passionately and freely yet, on the other hand, we are rarely satisfied with the love we have. On “Loving Without Fear” Sheri and her guest, Rhonda Britten, discuss how to stretch through the limitations of our fears into freedom and love. You’ll be given new skills that you can immediately apply including:

  • Reshaping your expectations into intentions.
  • Choosing to see people as innocent.
  • Knowing whether your body language reflects fear or freedom.
  • Hearing the difference between your voice of love and your voice of fear.
  • Understanding the 2 sets of tools readily at your disposal: Your Fear Tools and Your Freedom to Love Tools

You can only serve one master. If you trust your fear more than love, your life will be less than you desire. Tune into Straight from the Heart’s “Loving Without Fear” and find out what you can to do move out of fear and into more love in your life.

Special Guest
Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten, life coach and foremost expert on transformational fear, is founder of the Fearless Living Institute and author of 2 books, Fearless Loving: 8 Simple Truths That Will Change the Way you Date, Mate, and Relate” which is the topic of our show and “Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses or Regret. “ which challenges conventional thinking to guide people back to their personal power. Combining down-to earth-tools with her vast experience, Rhonda can show you how to successfully recognize and eliminate the everyday fears that block love.

Rhonda has appeared on Montel Williams and Oprah, as well as, hosts her own radio call-in show on 570 AM KLAC in Los Angeles. In the United Kingdom, Rhonda is the “LifeDoctor” a reality-based television show that transforms people’s lives.


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