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“Saying No Without Feeling Guilty”

What would you say? 

It’s 4:57 P.M. and you’re counting the minutes till you get off of work. Then suddenly, as you are getting ready to leave, your boss appears informing you of a rush project she needs you to stay late and complete… for the third time this week!

Isn’t it amazing that “No”, one of the simplest and shortest words in our language is one of the most difficult words to say. Well, the good news is that there is a way to say NO gracefully, respectfully, and effectively, in almost every situation, and still maintain the important relationships in your life.

In “Saying NO Without Feeling Guilty”, Sheri Gantman & Patti Breitman take the fear, guilt and embarrassment OUT of turning people down. Utilizing trained actors role-playing difficult-No situations you will get a first-hand look at the effectiveness of using five different techniques of saying “No.” is a number of situations. Here are just a few:

  • A family member asks you to participate in an activity you’d rather not do.
  • An old friend asks for another “loan”
  • Your date is pushing you towards something you are not comfortable with.

Imagine the freedom of being able to make your own choices as to how you spend your time and money. Applying these techniques, you can cut down on the unsatisfying busy-ness in your life, and create the time and space to say “YES” to that which truly makes you happy. Reclaim the power of your decisions, and take back control of your life with Straight from the Heart’s “Saying NO Without Feeling Guilty.”

Special Guest
Patti Breitman
As a literary agent for such people as John Gray and Richard Carlson, Patti Breitman knows what it takes to make a self-help blockbuster. She also knows that to admit to anyone at a party that she’s an agent means being bombarded by pitches all night. So, when asked her occupation, she began to say “I say no for a living”. Almost always however, the response would be “Boy, I wish I could learn to say no.” Thus, her book, co-authored with Connie Hatch, “How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty” was born. 

Now, on Straight from the Heart, Patti shares her knowledge and wisdom in the field of NO-ology with you.


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