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“Creative Solutions for Handling Difficult Relatives”

The overly critical mother-in law.
The opinionated aging parent.
The brother who delights in resurrecting childhold rivalries.
The bigoted uncle.
The father who continually comments on your weight and appearance.

The cousin who flaunts her money and status.

Ah yes. Family. You’ve got to love em, but, sometimes, certain family members, push our buttons and shake up our inner world. In fact, in a recent poll, over 75% of us report that we have at least one family member that gets on our nerves and 68% described family get-togethers as frustrating and/or an obligation they don’t enjoy. No matter who or what the source of discord, the result is the same: unpleasant interactions that literally sap our energy and often leave us cringing. Would you like to have fewer arguments and less tension around these difficult family members? If you prepare yourself, even a little bit, to feel healthy and relaxed prior to a family visit, it can dramatically change how you react to the predictable stressors at your family gatherings.

Dr. Len Felder and I did this show to help you learn clear cut things to say and do to make your family get-togethers and overall family relationships more harmonious for you than ever before.

On our show you’ll learn about….

  • Why certain relatives push our buttons and shake up our world.
  • The most common mistakes we make that actually increase family tension.
  • Ways to improve Family Get-Togethers and Holiday Visits
  • Setting boundaries using humor, detachment and love.
  • When and how to change a family pattern you don’t like.
  • Dealing with drug and alcohol addictions in the family.
  • How to stay relaxed in situations that once made you cringe.

Your relative may still do what they have always done, but with your new understanding and use of some very practical and easy tools, you may be surprised at how many more gratifying moments you will be able to enjoy.

Special Guest
Leonard Felder, Ph.D.

Leonard Felder, Ph.Dis a licensed psychologist in private practice in West Los Angeles and a best-selling author whose seven books have sold over one million copies and have been translated into fourteen languages. A respected expert on family conflict resolution, he has appeared on more than 200 radio and television shows, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, Sally Jesse Raphael, CNN Newsnight, and NBC News.

In his book, “When Diffucult Relatives Happen to Good People” and on our show, Dr. Felder gives you specific tips on what to say and how to relate in a healthy, realistic manner to your most difficult relatives. 

To reach Dr. Leonard Felder directly, please visit his web site @


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