OUR SHOWS With: Laure Redmond

“Feeling Good Naked”

From celebrities to housewives – we all grapple with the issue of body image and appearance anxiety. How’s yours? 

Take this little quiz.

Does the thought of being naked in front of others fill you with horror?

Do you avoid looking in the mirror?

Do you attempt to hide certain body parts or features?

Do you fantasize about plastic surgery?

Most women are obsessed with their bodies; never happy with how much they weigh or how they look. This show is about finding your way back from body hatred to body-esteem.

On our show Sheri and Laure discuss simple, no-diet secrets to a fabulous body:

  • Celebration vs. Deprivation; why it’s important to eat the foods you love.
  • Stress relievers and relaxation techniques that help to eliminate binging.
  • Overcoming the exercise hurdle – a little bit of exercise can go a long way.
  • Drinking water- can help you lose 5 pounds in two weeks without doing anything else.
  • Throw away your scale! It’s not your weight, it’s how you feel about your body.

Yes, you can feel good naked! To be satisfied with your body is a process. Wonderful, physical things can happen as a result of a mental transformation. Find out how you can shed pounds easily and naturally while building your body esteem.

Special Guest:    Laure Redmond
Laure Redmond is a passionate woman who has dedicated her life to helping women STOP body hatred! Through her years of work as a fitness expert, with celebrities and regular women, Laure learned first-hand how any woman – no matter her shape, size, color, or age can be beautiful as long as she is comfortable within her own skin. Her sensational book on this topic is called “Feel Good Naked, 10 No-Diet Secrets To A Fabulous Body”.

Laure has been a popular mind/body expert on national television and radio since the late 80‘s. She has produced and starred in her own fitness video series. Currently, Laure gives lectures and leads “Feel Good Naked” workshops throughout the US. She resides in Portland, Oregon with her family.


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