OUR SHOW With: Laura Jensen Walker & Suzane Piela


“Sacred Healing, Sacred Dying”

Are you or is someone you know confronting cancer?

When Laura Jensen Walker was diagnosed with breast cancer on her first wedding anniversary, this was certainly not part of her happy-ever-after plan and she thought her world was coming to an end. During her darkest and scariest moments, Laura always managed a good word, a smile and never lost her faith. She discovered that while cancer isn’t funny, humor is healing and that laughter really helps. “From baldly going to where I’d never gone before to losing thirty pound in thirty day the chemodiet way, humor has been an effective weapon in my fight against this disease.” For any woman confronting the disease, this show is about the importance of having a good attitude, taking responsibility to be as knowledgeable as possible for knowledge is power, surrounding yourself with a good support group, keeping the faith, and using humor regularly to stimulate your immune system. Early detection is the key so be sure to get your mammogram.

 Facing the death of a family member is an experience that penetrates the very core of our existence.

A vast array of emotions emerge and lives are forever changes. Suzane Piela lost both of her parents to cancer within one year of each other, as well as, soon thereafter, her older brother. Yet, in her journey of caring for her dying mother and also confronting the stigma of death of so many she loved, she discovered that it can be a time of renewal and intimacy, as profound and blessed as the miracle of birth. She explains that instead of feeling powerless over what happens, we always have a choice to take a new action or shift our perspective to see something in a new way. We all must face the death of a loved one. No one is immune. It affects people from all walks of life and every spiritual perspective. What makes it unique is how each person walks through it. Tune in to find out what an extraordinary journey into miracles, mystery, grace and love the caregiving and dying process can be.

About Our Special Guests

 Laura Jensen Walker & Suzane Piela



Laura WalkerLaura Jensen Walker  is a writer, speaker and breast cancer survivor who believes in the healing power of laughter. Author of 9 books including “Thanks for the Mammogram!“, Laura credits the importance of faith, hope, support and a healthy dose of laughter as making all the difference in her recovery.  You can reach Laura @
Suzane PielaSuzane Piela is a registered nurse and author of “You Are So Beautiful Without Your Hair.With compassion, sincerity, and warmth Suzane shares the wisdom of the lessons she learned by making the choice to embrace death as a sacred event and to find the pearls interwoven throughout the experience.


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