OUR SHOW With: Judith Wright

“The Decision That Changes Your Life”

The life we live is a choice, and we build that life with every decision we make. According to my guest, Judith Wright, there is ONE DECISION to make about your life that will guide every single choice thereafter. This decision will impact the quality of your life, transforming the very fabric of your being and how you live each day. It becomes like a beacon from which all smaller decisions are made.

At its very highest, this ONE DECISION is a choice to become the most “you” you can be. It is the choice to pursue and receive MORE in life. More happiness, satisfaction, love, connection, fulfillment. It is an invitation to break your denial and to pierce the illusion that you are not worthy of a magnificent life, or that you want too much, or that you are not special enough or that you don’t have the time.

Making the decision to live a life of MORE changes what you do, how you think, and what you feel. It impacts what you say YES to and what you say NO to.

Making this simple, yet profound choice about the kind of life you want to live can lead you from a vaguely satisfying life to living a great one.Tune in and discover how to find and implement the ONE DECISION that is right for you.

Special Guest:   Judith Wright

Judith Wright is hailed as a peerless educator, world-class coach, lifestyles expert, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and corporate consultant. In her first book, “There Must Be MORE Than This: Finding More Life, Love, and Meaning by Overcoming Your Soft Addictions”, she examined how Soft Addictions often get in the way of a more fulfilling life. In her new book and on our show, The One Decision, Judith demystifies what it takes to lead a great life by showing you what a fulfilling life of MORE really is.

Judith and her husband, Bob, are the founders and directors of the Wright Institute in Chicago (, where for 20 years they have developed innovative education and personal-growth programs, that inspire and teach others to live more bountiful lives.

To contact Judith Wright go to:   www.


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