Judith Orloff, M.D.

“Energy Vampires & Other Life Drainers”

Each of us radiates a palpable energy. Whenever we interact with another, an exchange occurs. Some people give off positive energy, others negative. Some people bring an unexpected lightness and comfort to your life. You feel uplifted, energized, and safe in their presence. It’s not what they do or say, but how refreshing it feels to be around them. Then, there are people in whose company you are left feeling stressed out, exhausted, guilty, or run down. These people, my guest, Dr. Judith Orloff, calls energy vampires. These life-force leechers range from the intentionally malicious to those who are oblivious of their effect. Obnoxious or meek, they come in all forms. Energy vampires can be neighbors, co-workers, telemarketers, bosses, parents, mates, in-laws or acquaintances. It is important to notice how your energy responds to particular people and situations.

Have you encountered an energy vampire? Take this test:

  • Does my chest tighten every time a certain person enters the conversation?
  • Do I run to the refrigerator and stuff myself after an interaction?
  • Do I need a nap after hanging up on the phone with someone?
  • Do I have a headache, feel queasy, or slimed when a guest at a party starts talking to me?
  • Does my energy bottom-out at family dinners? At staff meetings? Or other social gatherings?
  • Do I feel attacked, criticized or blamed in a relationship?
  • Is a person so needy or clinging she/he seems to stick to me like flypaper?

Are you tired of being drained?

On our show we discuss the common types of energy vampires and what you can about them starting right now.


About Our Special Guest

Judith Orloff, M.D.

Dr Judith OrloffIn her work as a medical doctor and board-certified psychiatrist, Dr Judith Orloff is transforming the face of psychiatry in her advocacy for understanding the impact our innate intuitive intelligence has on helping us heal–and prevent–illness. Dr. Orloff believes that intuition plays an indispensable role in self-diagnosis, pain control, immune response and recovery from acute and chronic illness, depression, anxiety and emotional blockages. She lectures and conducts workshops around the world on the interrelationship of medicine, intuition and spirituality.

She is author of “Second Sight” and “Dr. Judith Orloff’s Guide to Intuitive Healing” . Her latest book “Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength and Love” shows you how to slow down time to match your natural rhythms, allowing you to be fully present for your life. Learning this can make the difference between an exuberant life and one you’re always recovering from. 

On our show, we discuss ways to protect your energy so that you can stay centered in dealing with the stresses and drains that arise in your relationships with others and in your life.

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