OUR SHOWS With: Jordan Paul, Ph.D.

“Keeping Your Heart On”

How easy is it for you to have an honest sex talk with your partner?

For most people, discussing sexual problems and issues is very difficult. Honest sex talk occurs when people feel safe in expressing themselves. According to my guest, Jordan Paul, co-author of “Oral Sex: Talking and Listening Your Way to Passionate Intimacy” feeling fulfilled and safe flows from a heart connection and conversely, feeling dissatisfied and unsafe results from a heart disconnection. When we are heart connected we feel compassion and are open to learning. We empathize rather than judge and seek to listen and understand our partner. When we are disconnected from our hearts we feel cold, closed, angry,threatened, jealous. We may find ourselves lecturing instead of listening and trying to get the other person to change or worse, cutting off all conversation.

Heart disconnection hurts us, our partner and definitely our sex life. But, hold on, help is on the way.

When you realize that you and/or your relationship is off-center, a commitment to return to balance entails:

  • 1. Recognizing that you are disconnected.
  • 2. Learning to return to your heart.
  • 3. Learning to clean up the messes that are created when you are off-center.
  • 4. Learning to live from your center more of the time.

Our show is filled with active demonstrations to help you learn new verbal and heart centered skills for increasing your heart connection no matter what the issue. Successful communication about sex can lead you and your partner to greater sexual pleasure. This gives the term ‘oral sex’ a whole different meaning. 

Special Guest:    Jordan Paul, Ph.D.
Dr. Jordan Paul is a noted author, psychotherapist, college professor, business consultant, and motivational speaker. Our show together is based on Jordan’s latest book “Oral Sex: Talking and Listening Your Way to Passionate Intimacy” which is about helping couples create passionate and fulfilling sex by learning to talk and listen with a “heart on.” Dr. Paul is author of“Becoming Your Own Hero” and co-author of the national best-seller, “Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You?” 
As a psychotherapist, Dr. Paul specialized in helping couples resolve sexual and relationship issues and developed an innovative form of short-term therapy which he calls’ Fulfillment Coaching.’ Jordan has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including Donahue and Sonya Live as a guest expert, and on the ABC radio network as a talk show host. For more information, please visit his website @ 


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