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The Roadmap to Forgiveness

We call this miracle, forgiveness. Join Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Sheri Meyers  as they discuss the methods of forgiving ourselves and others so that we can let go of suffering and embrace peace of mind. Forgiving is good medicine. Growing evidence shows that people inclined to forgive themselves and others enjoy better mental and physical health than those who hold grudges. A heart weighed down by resentments of the past has little time to enjoy the present. While forgiveness is a continual process, you can learn the tools necessary to live and love now.

Come learn…

  • The Common Reasons Why We Don’t Forgive
  • Health Implications of Holding onto Anger
  • Ways to Choose Love Over Fear and Peace over Conflict
  • Tools to Release Judgment and Negative Thinking
  • How to Begin to Choose Love Over Conflict
  • PLUS* Dr. Sheri’s Roadmap 4 Change 

It’s never too late to forgive. Why not start now? Let Straight from the Heart’s “Roadmap to Forgiveness” be the prescription you take to free yourself from the binds of the past.


Living Love, Releasing Fear

Conflict occurs in all close relationships. Simply defined, a conflict is a difference in what two people need, want or think. Since we are different from each other, it is inevitable that any two people will come into conflict. 

Everybody wants to love. Our heart’s desire is to love and feel loved. Yet, why, so often do we feel isolated, disconnected, separate, alone, fragmented, unloved and unlovable? The answer is fear. Fear is what keeps us from experiencing the potential for limitless love that we all have. 

In “Living Love, Releasing Fear,” Sheri Meyers and Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, explore love and the things that increase and decrease it’s presence in our lives. In our show you’ll discover:

  • How to heighten our awareness of love.
  • The secrets to being unconditionally loving.
  • The Law of Guilt
  • How shame and blame sabotages our ability to love.
  • How to move through the constraints of our fear.
  • The moment to moment choice between pain and

Love is the natural state of our being. Our ability to love is the greatest gift we are given. It is we, and we alone, who stand in the way of our happiness and joy. There is no problem that love is not the answer to. Let “Straight from the Heart” help you find that answer.


About Our Special Guest
Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.


Best selling author Gerald Jampolsky is a child and adult psychiatrist, graduate of Stanford Medical School and an internationally recognized authority in the fields of psychiatry, health, business and education. Dr. Jampolsky, founder of Center for Attitudinal Healing in Tiburon, California learned about love and forgiveness by helping thousands of adults, children and families over the past 30 years deal with the psychological, social and spiritual aspects of facing both chronic and life threatening illnesses. In his best selling books “Love is Letting Go of Fear”, “Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All” and in his latest book,“Shortcuts to God: Finding Peace Quickly Through Practical Spirituality” he reminds us that health comes from achieving inner peace and forgiveness is the medicine that helps get us there.

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