Healing With Energy Medicine

Throughout history, explorers have searched for the fabled “Wellspring of Vitality”, a source from which life, strength, and healing flow forth unceasingly. Well, according to world renowned healer and author, Donna Eden, by using energy medicine, you can rejuvenate a tired body, more effectively handle stress and become more balanced in your life. In other words, the “Wellspring of Vitality” can be found… within you! Join Dr. Sheri and Donna Eden on our show “HEALING WITH ENERGY MEDICINE,” as they demonstrate easy, non-intrusive methods you can use to tap into the body’s instinctive ability to heal itself. It’s time to learn the language your body already speaks and understands…the language of energy.

On our show you’ll learn about….

  • Understanding your body as an energy system
  • How to move energy through the body working with meridians.
  • What is an aura and how it affects your life.
  • What you can do to enliven yourself anywhere.
  • How you can reclaim your natural healing and self-healing.
  • Ways to open up and protect yourself.
  • Energy testing the food you eat.

You’ll discover how to work with your own energies to nurture physical and emotional health, healing and vitality.


Chakras & Rhythms

Thousands of years ago, the ancients spoke in their sacred texts, of the seven powerful energy centers in the human body. Today, we call these centers, chakras. Each chakra regulates a distinct aspect of our physical, psychological and spiritual well being. If you are feeling sluggish in your body, you can be certain that the energies in your chakras are sluggish as well. Chakra work leaves you feeling more centered and grounded, revs up your energies, and aligns you with the deepest parts of yourself.

In our show, CHAKRAS & RHYTHMS, Donna Eden with Sheri Meyers guides you through the basics, benefits and usage of the chakra system and explains in detail:

  • What the chakras are and specifically what each one does.
  • How to use your chakras to enhance your quality of life.
  • How to clear your chakras of recent and longstanding, negative energy.
  • Specific things you can do right now that will immediately make a change in how you feel.

It is easy and simple to clear, balance and strengthen your chakras and the value of learning these natural techniques is immeasurable. So tune in!

About Our Special Guest

Donna Eden


Donna Eden is a charismatic, joyful and inspirational teacher and a highly sought after energy healer. She has devised a unique, cutting edge approach to energy medicine that integrates Oriental, Celtic and Western healing arts. Author of the groundbreaking book, “Energy Medicine: Balance Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality.” Donna teaches you how to understand your body as an energy system and shows you simple ways to reclaim your natural healing capacities. 

For more information about Donna Eden you can visit her website @

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