OUR SHOWS With: Connie Zweig, Ph.D.

“Illuminating Your Shadow”

Have you ever been attracted to or stayed too long with someone that you knew wasn’t a good match for you but there was something drawing you to that person that was so alluring, so mysterious that you couldn’t resist the connection?

According to my guest, Dr. Connie Zweig, your shadow is behind the scenes arranging your dating dance card and maybe even your marriage. So, what is the shadow you may ask. It’s our blind spot, the parts of ourselves that we cannot see, all those parts that we say, “oh no, that’s not me!” These parts of us that are sliced off want to be included. We may find ourselves attracted to them in someone else. Our relationships are the greatest mirrors in which we project and see our shadows reflected. Many of the repetitive fights we have with our partner where we believe “if only they would change, then I’d be happy,” has more to do with our disowned shadow than we may realize. Often where your buttons are getting pushed is your shadow calling. This is a great opportunity to look at your own stuff instead of blaming the ‘Other.’ As you make your shadow more conscious, you can then stop projecting it onto your partner and rejecting them for it.

Tune in to “Straight from the Heart” to learn how to make your shadow more conscious. Remember, what you don’t own, owns you. Wholeness and healing comes from accepting all the parts of yourself. When you can reexamine relationships from romance to marriage in the context of the shadow’s hidden needs, eventually you can move from shadow-boxing with the Other to shadow-dancing with the Beloved.

Special Guest:  Connie Zweig , Ph.D.

Connie Zweig, Ph. D., is a unique counselor who is in private practice in Los Angeles. As co-author ofMeeting the Shadow and Romancing the Shadow, she has taught seminars nationwide and has been called the Shadow Expert. She helps people uncover why they behave self-destructively and how they can choose different actions to gain different outcomes. With a doctorate in depth psychology, two years’ training at the Los Angeles Jung Institute, and ten years in practice, she goes where others fear to tread: into a person’s dark side to find the gold that lies hidden there.

Connie is also author of “The Holy Longing: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Yearning which explores how to move through the shadow side of spirituality to the light and “A Moth to the Flame” a novel about the great Sufi Poet, Rumi. She has worked as a meditation teacher for many years and brings a deep spiritual orientation to her work and writing.

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