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“The Writing Life”

Are you wanting to write but are wondering how to get started, how to keep it going, and what to do with it once you’ve written it?

Would you like to stop dreaming about writing and actually start writing? On our show, veteran writing teacher and author, Barbara Abercrombie offers inspiration to fire up your creativity, exercises to jumpstart your writing, and guidelines to help you craft your creative writing, whether you’re interested in writing an essay, a poem, a short story, memoir or a novel. It’s time to turn the messy, crazy, sad, and wonderful stuff of your life and in your head into a piece of writing that has order, clarity, and meaning. 

Tune in to watch “Straight from the Heart” to hear about fun exercises to embolden the writer in you, as well as, practical ‘nuts and bolts’ advice for working writing into your everyday life, editing, giving and receiving feedback, and getting your work published.

Come on in. Class has started. Let’s begin.

About Our Special Guest

Barbara Abercrombie


Barbara Abercrombie is author of 12 books, including her latest, Courage and Craft: Writing Your Life into Story, published by New World Library. Barbara has been teaching for 16 years in the Writer’s Program at UCLA Extension and was the recipient of the UCLA Extension Outstanding Instructor Award in Creative Writing. She travels around the country giving creative writing workshops and seminars.

Barbara often tells her students, ” There is nothing until there is something on the page. When your creativity feels nurtured and respected, a lot of positive energy is released. My goal is to help you take your creative lives very, very seriously. After years of dreaming about writing, or feeling stuck and unable to write, or not knowing what to do with your writing, we will get you started on your writing journey.”

It’s time to let your creative writer out to play more!

You can visit Barbara on her website at :

  1. Barbara Abercrombie has published two novels for adults, plus books for children, including the award winning picture book, Charlie Anderson.

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