Arthur Jeon

“Sex, Love, & Dharma”

Many people treat love as a noun, as a thing’ that can be felt, bartered, given, withheld, sought after, attained and lost from a ‘love supplier’ outside ourselves. This kind of loving is fraught with expectations in which we are always looking to get love, as if were a precious and limited commodity. Driven by lonliness and a sense of lack we walk around like addicts, looking to be ‘hooked’ up to this incredible drug called love.  

It’s hard to sustain a long-term relationship if we are looking outside ourselves for love. Most of the decisions we make are based on a cocktail of fear, desire, lonliness and projection. (all which are a result of our conditioning). When we are operating out of our conditioning, we often end up with someone we don’t even like, yet alone love. 

How do we find our true love without losing our way? How do we rise to love after falling into it?

Our true nature is love. It is not about seeking it, but being it. Everything changes when we treat love as a verb in our lives. To be loving and in loving relationship with the world around and within us. When we understand that the currency of love is available all the time, supporting everything we do, every single moment is an opportunity to give love, and tap into the flow of it.

We all long connect to someone in union. To love and be loved. 

The bottom line is when we change how we love in the world, we pull in a different kind of partnership. Tune in to Straight from the Heart’s “From Longing to Belonging” to find out how.

About Our Special Guest


Arthur Jeon


ArthurJeonArthur Jeon received his BA in Humanities from Harvard University in 1985. Upon graduation he worked for a management consultancy that specialized in applying systems theory to Fortune 500 companies managing change. Seeking more creative work, he eventually became a vice president of an ad agency in Boston, MA. This work re-ignited his passion for writing and led him back to school to get his MFA at USC film school. For ten years he lived in Los Angeles and worked in the film industry as a screenwriter.

Arthur has been a long time yoga practitioner and was inspired to pursue dharma thought by his internationally known teacher Catherine Ingram, who asked him to sit in as a substitute for her Dharma Dialouges and then to start holding dharma talks of his own. It was out of these ‘converstaions’ that the idea for his first book  City Dharma, Keeping your Cool in the Chaos” was born.

He presently holds monthly Dharma Conversations and teaches yoga at YOGA WORKS in Santa Monica, CA. In his second book, Sex, Love and Dharma: Finding Love Without Losing Your Way”, Arthur explores partnership and our desire for enduring love in all its forms and challenges. This wonderful book was the basis of our show.

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