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  • Read This Before You Send That Sexy Text
  • SOURCE: Macleans Magazine Written By:
    Julia McKinnell
    Dr. Sheri Meyers
  • Innocent texts that morph into full-blown affairs are now so common that one Los Angeles-based family therapist advises all married couples to have a conversation about what constitutes cheating. “Do not assume that everything is okay and that you’re on Read More

  • Why Every Couple NOW Needs a Social Media Prenup
  • SOURCE: The Huffington Post Written By:
    Dr. Sheri Meyers
    Read more
  • Ah, the lure of social media. Logging on to talk with ‘friends’ can bring instant relief to feelings of loneliness, stress and boredom, supplying an unlimited source of entertainment, connection, conversation and stimulation anytime, anyplace 24/7. All that attention equates to love in our mind. Continue reading

  • Social Media and Other Relationships PreNups -Crazy or Necessary?
  • SOURCE: Men's Health Magazine Written By:
    Markham Heid
    Dr. Sheri Meyers
  • Marriage is for better or for worse—sort of. The biggest trend in prenuptial agreements are “lifestyle clauses” that put rules and restrictions on everything from your social media use to how often her in-laws can visit. These types of clauses may Read More

  • I Love You But I Still Want a Social Media Prenup!
  • SOURCE: ABC News-Good Morning America Written By:
    Lauren Effron
    Dr. Sheri Meyers
  • In an age where we are constantly seeking instant gratification through our social media connections, more couples are seeking the so-called “social media prenup,” a written document, or often simply a discussion, that addresses what’s acceptable to share online about each other, sometimes with serious consequences. Continue reading

  • Do You Have a Social Media PreNup?
  • SOURCE: New York Daily News Written By:
    Jenna O' Donnell
    Dr. Sheri Meyers
  • We want digital prenup! An embarrassing Facebook post can wreck a romance, so some couples are going to extremes to adjust their relationship sharing settings, with “social media prenuptial agreements” being drawn up by lawyers around New York and beyond. Read More