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   Men and Women  (page 1)
  • Is it Real Love or Infatuation? How to Tell the Difference
  • SOURCE: Huffington Post Written By:
    Dr. Sheri Meyers
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  • Nobody “gets” you the way your sweetheart does. The connection you feel with them is out of this world. It’s as if you’ve known each other your entire life. You can barely stand to be apart. If this isn’t real love, what is? Right?
    Actually, not so fast. There’s a big difference between REAL LOVE and infatuation based EMOTIONAL SEX. Continue reading

  • Why Men Cheat More than Women
  • SOURCE: Cosmopolitan Written By:
    Natasha Burton
    Dr. Sheri Meyers
  • Well, here’s the real reason guys apparently cheat more than women do: Their uncontrollable sex drives. In two studies on how men and women respond to sexual temptation, researchers found that men reported stronger sexual impulses and acted on those Read More

  • Bring the Sexy Back into Your Relationship
  • SOURCE: DrSheri.com Written By:
    Dr. Sheri Meyers
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  • Do you still love your partner, but  you’re just not “feeling it” anymore?   I am often asked by many couples, “What does it take to jump start our stagnated relationship and revive the passion that first brought us together?”  I Read More