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Sheri Meyers
Author of Chatting
or Cheating
Start affair-proofing your relationship now!
Learn about the slippery slope of EMOTIONAL SEX
It used to be that affairs only happened at work, out of town, or otherwise outside the home.

But with the advent of cell phones, the Internet and social networking, it's easier than ever to connect with anyone, anytime, right in the comfort of your living room.

The brain chemicals released from mere flirtations can be as addictive as drugs. Read more


Marriage & Family Therapist, Author and Straight from the Heart TV host, Dr. Sheri Meyers is among the national media's most frequently quoted and interviewed relationship, love, intimacy, and infidelity experts.

For over 25 years, Dr. Sheri’s compassionate, practical, straight talk and easy-to-apply methods have inspired and helped thousands of men and women face and overcome their most complex and daunting life, relationship, and sexual challenges.

Consequently, Dr. Sheri has become a highly sought after expert for broadcast network news (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX),  cable TV (Lifetime, CNN, E! Entertainment) and numerous television and radio entertainment and advice shows.

As a regular blogger on the Huffington Post, Dr. Sheri shares her expertise, and unique insights to help thousands of people face and overcome their most complex relationship challenges with honesty, dignity, and love. Read more